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  • Institute for Tourism Development Research presented Bac Son tourism development plan to 2020, orientation to 2030

       On November 9th 2017, in Bac Son, Lang Son Province, Institute for Tourism Development Research (ITDR) presented the development plan for Bac Son tourism to 2020, orientation to 2025. Attending the meeting was representative of People’s Committee of Lang Son Province, Mrs. Hoang Thi Luan – Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Bac Son District, representatives of the District People’s Committee, ITDR’s Director – Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan and the members of the research team.

    t.anh2017-10   Bac Son District is one of the mountainous districts in Lang Son province, possessing attractive and abundant tourist resources. In the history of the national liberation, Bac Son is the place marking the first armed insurrection led by the Party, as a precondition for the successful August 1945 revolution. Bac Son is also the place where the Bac Son guerrilla was formed, one of the precursors of the current People’s Army. Bac Son locates many classified relics, of which majority are the historical relics, including the Tam Canh Pass, Mo Nhai, Khuoi Noi, etc. Bac Son raiding area is classified as a special national monument. It is also the place where many archeological sites were discovered, where archaeologists have found an ancient Vietnamese civilization in the Neolithic, bearing the name of North culture, with many distinct characteristics and universal values. Bac Son is also known for its magnificent scenery with many beautiful caves, lakes and vast forests.
       In addition to the natural and historical values, from the ancient time, Bac Son has been the cradle of many ethnic groups. At present, Bac Son still maintains the traditional stilt houses of the Tay ethnic people, where all cultural activities take place, along with the tunes of Then singing, Sli singing, Luon singing, Phong Slu singing, Vi singing, creating a unique cultural space.
       The development plan has been done by ITDR since the beginning of 2017. This project is to create the basis for the management and exploitation of the potentials, for tourism to become a spearhead economic sector. Although Bac Son district has the advantages of natural and cultural tourism resources, at present tourism products are still poor, service quality is low, tourism services are limited and lack of professionalism, as the results, the number of tourists know and travel to Bac Son is not high. Bac Son tourism has not developed to the inherent potential, has not contributed to the socio-economic development of the district in particular and of Lang Son province in general.
       Participants in the meeting highly appreciated the results of research and consultancy of ITDR while discussing and contributing ideas to complete the development plan such as forecasting, general objectives as well as specific objectives, investment projects, investment solutions and sustainable tourism development. All of the participants agreed to approve the project. Speaking at the end of the meeting, Mrs. Hoang Thi Luan, Vice Chairwoman of the People’s Committee of Bac Son thanked ITDR for its enthusiastic support and hope in the future will receive much support from the Institute for the development of tourism in Bac Son district, Lang Son in particular and contribute to the development of tourism in Vietnam in general

    Hong Nhung

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