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Strategy for Vietnam’s tourism products to 2025, orientation to 2030

Head of project: Dr. Do Thi Thanh Hoa

Classification: Strategy

Year: 2015

      The strategy focuses on analyzing and evaluating the current state of Vietnam’s tourism products; review and research the strategies of countries in the region for tourism product development; compare and identify core values ​​and competitive advantages of Vietnam’s tourism product compared to countries in the region; analysis of market demand and the ability to attract markets for tourism products of Vietnam. Sociological survey is the main method used to achieve the objectives of the research. Expert consultation through workshops, seminars and expert meetings is also carried out.

      The strategy for Vietnam’s tourism products sets out the perspective and directions for product development, specifically on product lines such as marine tourism, eco-tourism, culture and city tourism; and orientation was made for each region for tourism products competitiveness. Main tourism products in each region are identified, such as eco-tourism and culture tourism in the Northern mountainous region and Central Highlands, the Mekong Delta region ecological gardens; marine tourism and heritage tourism in the South Central Coast region, North Central region, the Red River Delta region and Northeast Coast region; urban cultural tourism in the Red River Delta region, Northeast coast region and Southeast region. Complementary products are also recognized to diversify and develop additional products. The orientation for tourism products is in accordance with the Strategy and Master plan for Vietnam tourism development and the approved regional Master plan, as well as the current contexts of the development process. In addition, the strategy also indicates the priorities of tourism product development and proposes measures to promote tourism products in selected areas. Implementation schedule and action plans for the Strategy for development of Vietnam’s tourism products to 2025, orientation to 2030 are also proposed.

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